"Now you has jazz"

Read there, what top-of-the-top artists like The Golden Gate Quintett, Greg Koss, René Franc, Sam Woodyard, Pete & Barbara Lancaster, Bob Williams, Embajadores Paraguayos and Barney Kessel wrote into Adi Juestel's guest book, when they visited his jazz clubs :

Being inn-keeper and practising jazz-freak (trumpet, piano, organ, vocals) in one person, Adi gave home and meetingplace to well known artists like Monty Alexander, Mal Waldron, Axel Zwingenberger, Fatty George, Oskar Klein. Friedrich Gulda, Wild Bill Davis, Jimmy Woode of the Duke-Ellington Big Band, Blind John Davis, Eroll Dixon, Walace Davenport, The Golden Gate Quartet, The Legends of Jazz, Manitas de Plata, Los Paraguayos, Paul Kuhn,  Jose Feliciano, Bireli Lagrene, Art Farmer, Barney Kessel, just to mention some of them ...


And - as the guest book undoubtedly tells us - they came again and again.


Not only he organized and financed the very first non-classical concert ever taking place in the honoric Large Salzburg Festival Hall - with no one less than the Godess of jazz, Ella FITZGERALD - he continuously gives concerts with bigbands (January 9th, 2015 ) as well as his band, the "Latin Swing Express II" and performs annual jam sessions, featuring artists of the Viennese Philharmonic and Symphonic orchestras with Francesca Hart and Beppe Pilotto as special guests from Italy (August 5th, 2015) In addition, Adi Juestel composes and produces DVD's and CD's, the next to come in August 2015.


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... unexpectedly sooo much fun !


That's what Stefan Polzer, conductor of Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie wrote into the Mexicano Keller guestbook)


James Morrison, Stefan Polzer   (Fotos: M.Jüstel)
James Morrison, Stefan Polzer (Fotos: M.Jüstel)
Bradford Leali, Liza Kelly  (Fotos: M.Jüstel)
Bradford Leali, Liza Kelly (Fotos: M.Jüstel)