Ella Fitzgerald

Das erste Mal ...


 JAZZ im Großen Festspielhaus

Adi Jüstel war es, der mit großzügiger Unterstützung der Salzburger Nachrichten und gegen den Widerstand des Festspielhaus-Kuratoriums Ella FITZGERALD, die Grand Dame des Jazz auf Eigeninitiative am 19. 05. 1977 nach Salzburg holte

Lesen Sie diese sagenhafte Story in seinem Erzählband  "Anekdoten mit und ohne Noten"

alle Fotos W.Saderl
alle Fotos W.Saderl


It was a hard years work ...

Together with Max Dasch, the publisher of "Salzburger Nachrichten"  the idea was born to bring one of the very great stars of Jazz to Salzburg. But where to house ? 

In 1977 there was only one concert hall big enough to make a great performance payable.  The big challenge was that the Salzburg Large Festival Hall -  directed by honoric consort - never before has seen a non-classical concert.

Knowing about the obstruction against the "desecretion" of the Festival Hall, Adi found Ella Fitzgerald possibly could build the bridge between Classics and Jazz in an ideal way.  After several attempts he got her and her manager Norman Granz on his side. A little trick helped to get the OK from the concert hall consortium and the project seemed to be on track.

But was really everything straight ?

You find the thrilling story in   "Anekdoten mit und ohne Noten"